Boat and Fishing FAQS

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes, Costa Rican law requires a fishing license for each person on the boat. You may not fish without the license. Costa Rica is serious about protecting the environment, a policy that makes it possible for the big fish to thrive.  We are on board.  Additionally, the CR Coast Guard makes regular patrols to check the boats in the area for compliance.

You can purchase a fishing license through INCOPESCA. You will need to provide the full name, passport number, email address, address, and phone number for each participant. They are non-refundable but good for a whole week. There are additional options for purchasing for the month or year.  They are $15 each.  Go to:

Take a photo of the license on your phone or bring the printed receipt with you on the day of your tour.  If you do not have a license on board, you may receive a fine from the Coast Guard.

How do I get to Garza?

Drive, take a taxi, or a tuk tuk to the boat launch at Garza Beach. If you need us to arrange transportation, just call or email

The boat launch is about 100 meters to your right when facing the water from the main parking lot. There are no signs, as this is a national seashore. There is also no dock as the reef is protected from structures.

Walk to the right and wait on the beach. The water taxi will see you and take you to the Cowboy (our boat). Do not worry if you don’t see the water taxi right away. He knows you are coming. He may be taxiing other people or supplies when you arrive. He will come to the shore in a small boat with an outboard motor and ferry you to the Cowboy.

What do I bring?

• Sunglasses, hat, sunblock
• Flip flops or water shoes (the boat deck gets hot)
• Long sleeved shirt
• Any extra snacks or beer

What kind of boat is it?

The Cowboy is a 28- foot Boston Whaler. It can carry 5 guests and 2 crew.  The price for fishing trips is the same regardless the number of guests.

Boat Etiquette
• Do not bring hard liquor or glass containers onto the boat.
• The Captain is always right. He has your safety in mind.
• Please respect Costa Rican preservation laws and regulations regarding the size and kind of fish that must be released. We will advise you which fish can be eaten and how many.
• Please follow the Captains directions when catching fish. It is our goal to catch and release large game without unnecessary damage to the fish. Particularly when taking a photo.
• If you break equipment, drop it in the water, or damage: It is ethical to pay for it.
• It is customary to tip the boat taxi $5-$10
• It is customary to tip the crew 10-20%.
• If you catch more fish than you can consume, please consider donating them back to us. We will feed local Nosara families. A gift of fresh fish is well appreciated by families in need.

Cancellation Policy and Payment:
A 50% deposit is required to secure your trip. To make your deposit or pay in full, email and request your tour and date. We will send you a confirmation and payment request. 50% of your total amount is non-refundable. If a cancellation is required by weather, we will do our best to reschedule your trip. If it is not possible, we will refund the entire amount.

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